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Light’n Wire Productions is an art-technology El-wire resource center in San Francisco that has been providing Lightwire materials, consulting and custom designing since 1998. Over the years we have assisted artists, event producers, free spirits, and hobbyists with the design and décor of using Lightwire in bringing light to life: illuminating El-wire costumes, masks, art sculpture, signage, bicycles and theater props (limited only by your imagination).


We sell Lightwire, drivers, sequencers and assorted Lightwire or El-wire accessories, visit our “Tupperwire” store
We consult on use of Lightwire, project design and project production.
We teach Basic and Intermediate El-wire workshops to learn how to assemble and build Lightwire illuminated accessories and décor.
For production challenged, we will collaborate and help assemble the Lightwire component for your El-wire art project.
Design and attach Lightwire to costumes.
Design custom Lightwire products exclusive from Light’n Wire.

El-wire Custom Design

Initial consulting is free.

Once we understand your specific El-wire application, we can advise you on the proper use of Lightwire. You determine the colors, type and length of El-wires, and number of drivers or sequencers for immediate application to your art project. Lightwire materials are cut to specification and, if desired, assembled as sub-components.

Finished El-wire materials are shipped to you for attachment as desired.


Steve Boverie's, aka Dr. Glowire

Interests in art/technology have allowed Dr. Glowire to design, assist and build a multitude of maverick and miscellaneous El-wire projects for costumes, props and various Burning Man theme camps. Known for his deft technique with a soldering iron and intuitive grasp of building custom electronic devices, he has created many an electronic gizmo—often leaving raised eyebrows and the mutterings of, "How does he do that?"
He has often been quoted as saying, "Anyone can build this stuff."

Louis M. Brill, aka Louie Lights

Louie Lights began his quest for an intimate knowledge of light in NYC’s SoHo in the early 1970s. He pursued the special secrets of holography and light show projectors, eventually discovering the path of inner luminance with multicolored Christmas tree lights. Currently he is an advocate and inspiration for electroluminescent wire-art and has co-created designs of multiple costumes, devices, and props for various Burning Man events. He also works with LEDs, lasers and holographic effects to assist fellow artists in helping them to achieve the luminosity of their dreams.
He has often been quoted as saying, "It is what it is."


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