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Puppet backdrops created by Puppet Outreach Working for Eternal Results
   (P.O.W.E.R. Co, Glen Ellyn, IL)

The Puppet backdrops were created by Puppet Outreach Working for Eternal Results for an original puppet show titled "His Majesty the King."

The design and fabrication of the Lightwire puppets were produced by a team of volunteers led by Jerry Watkins.



Jerry Watkins explains the project:

"These Lightwire images were actually animations created as a puppet presentation. In this presentation, the Lightwire was used to create a 'puppet prop' as part of a song about a playground.

We had made a playground backdrop out of foam tubes and at one point in the song everything goes to black and the two Lightwire props are carried out by puppeteers dressed entirely in black.

All you could see was the Lightwire. They stayed on stage for one verse of the song and were then carried off."

See-saw animation

Swing animation


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