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Glowing Eye

Commissioned by Tobin Nichols and built by Light 'N Wire Productions

Light 'N Wire's Louie Lights\

The Tobin Lightbox was built from scratch using masonite and heavy cardboard for box structure.
A translucent acrylic sheet was used for the display screen and held in place with aluminum rail. The entire unit is powered by a 12V DC battery brick.

Toban Nichols wearing his lightbox

The lightbox was designed for BATTLESTATIONS!!, a single channel video, where the pixel display was the costume for the main character in the film and represented a single pixel blown up to human size. It will further be used in conjunction w/future performances, videos, and in attendance at Art openings as a mascot.

Louie Lights installing final LED in the Lightbox.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Toban Nichols is a deconstructivist artist who sought a giant light box representing video pixel cell elements magnified from a video screen. Louie Lights and Dr. Glowire recommended a light box divided into cell modules, each cell illuminated with very bright monochromatic LEDs. The final performance prop was a large back lit LED illuminated light box that could be worn by a performer.

See Tobin Lightbox on YouTube


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