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Our consulting is free, but a Lightwire design / build of that discussion is another story. Occasionally we get Lightwire requests for unique electronic circuits for special Lightwire applications. We have built several original designs such as a custom 3-channel sequencer, a custom 10-channel sequencer, an LED dual color controller that alternates between two banks of colors, and a controller to manually turn on and off various Lightwire segments using small, hand held switches.

If we are able to implement your request and build that special Lightwire circuit from scratch, the following charges would apply:

Minimum charge is $100.00. This is a step we take to design the circuit, build a temporary prototype and test the prototype to confirm that it meets your specifications. A custom circuit board design may be done if needed. We retain the rights to the designs for future use.
Cost of materials will be calculated upon the results of Step 1. Some of the circuits can be hand wired, but others require a circuit board to be designed and manufactured. We will submit the costs of the circuit board fabrication as well as the cost of components and construction of the circuit board.
There are two cost of product charges:
a) cost of Lightwire & accessories as priced from our Tupperwire Store.
b) cost of custom design electronics or Lightwire assemble (as quoted)
Customer reviews the proposed design and determines if the design meets their specifications. We will require a 50% deposit before moving into the manufacturing stage of design.


Please keep in mind possible cost overrun. Price of components may change due to B/O or superceded by newer versions of those components. Shipping costs are varied depending on location the project is sent to. We retain rights to design because we can reuse the design for another project and possibly lower costs for multiple re-use.


Design can take up to 2 weeks, prototyping another week and circuit board manufacturing could take about 10 days. Start to finish could take between 2 to 6 weeks depending on complexity and other factors.



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