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Light 'N Wire Productions supplies workshop information and other instruction in PDF format; as well as, ordering information and a sales catalog.

Simply click on the appropriate link below to start downloading your desired El-wire document.

Basic Workshop Guide
 (Adobe PDF, file size: 264 kb)


Intermediate Workshop Guide
 (Adobe PDF, file size: 1 mb)


Soldering Quick Reference
 (Adobe PDF, file size: 136 kb)


Order Form
 (Adobe PDF, file size: 188 kb)

"Flexible Substrate"
 (Adobe PDF, file size: 160 kb)

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Flexible Substrate
MAKE Magazine Article
 (Adobe PDF, file size: 72 mb)
MAKE Magazine Article
WIRED Magazine Article
 (Adobe PDF, file size: 472 kb)
LEDI User Manual
 (Adobe PDF, file size: 881 kb)
LEDI user manual
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