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Our ordering information is outlined below. Please read all information before placing your order. For information on our shipping and return policies, please view our "Shipping & Returns" page. If your question or concern is not found in either location, please contact us by email to resolve your question before placing your order. We cannot be responsible for buyer mistakes in ordering.

We sell Lightwire as a system of parts that is made up of:
1 – A driver or sequencer to manage the illumination of the Lightwire.
2 – An energy source: either DC (a battery brick if necessary) or AC adapters.
3 – Snap connectors: enable Lightwire and/or driver to match your mood with myriad     possibilities of variations.
4 – Lightwire by the foot. (We stock all colors, a variety of gauges, and both     standard & high brightness illuminations.)

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Placing Lightwire Orders

Placing Driver & Sequencer Orders

Special Requests

4 Ways to Order Lightwire

Shipping & Sales Tax

Back Orders

Quality Assurance


Once you have decided on your Lightwire application, please select color and order by clicking on the appropraite "Add to Cart" button: "Add to Cart–No Soldering" for DIY orders; "Add to Cart–Please Solder" for plug & play. When you reach the Shopping Cart page, please be sure to add the total footage of each length (one foot or more) desired in the "Quantity" box. If your combined order of Lightwire is equal to or greater than 100 feet, you are eligible for a quantity discount. per foot ordered. Contact us for more details.

Cut Length
Make sure your are ordering the Lightwire thickness/brightness you desire: Angel, Standard, Phatt, High Brightness Standard, or High Brightness Phatt Wire.
Per each length ordering, select color from available colors in "Color" drop-down box. Each length of Lightwire, must be ordered separately using "Color" box and "Quantity" box on Shopping Cart.  
Type in footage of each Lightwire length order in "Quantity" box provided on Shopping Cart page. All cut lengths must be ordered as separate items and added to your Shopping Cart individually.

DIY/no soldering: order on lefthand "Add to Cart—No Soldering" button.

To order soldering: order on righthand "Add to Cart—Please Solder" button.

1 – Type of wire gauge (Angel, Standard, Phatt, High Brightness Standard, or
     High Brightness Phatt Lightwire). Make sure you are ordering the type you want.
2 – Color for each length of Lightwire ordering. Select from drop-down "Color" box to
     the left of either the 'DIYer' or 'Plug & Play' "Add to Cart" buttons.
3 – Cut length in feet for each Lightwire length ordering: You must specify the length      of each cut of Lightwire desired in the "Quantity" box on your Shopping Cart page.
     If you wish multiple cuts of the same gauge and color, you must order each
     cut separately—just as you would for different gauges, color, and lengths.
4 - Soldering* Please place your order by clicking on the appropriate lefthand (Add to
     Cart—No Soldering) or righthand (Add to Card—Please Solder) "Add to Cart" buttons
     on the Lightwire product page.

*Soldering: If you do not want us to do the soldering, order your Lightwire by using the lefthand "Add to Cart" button on order page. If you want us to do the soldering for you (Plug & Play) order your Lightwire by using the righthand "Add to Cart" button on the order page. The connection fee is $4.00/per soldering connection (lightwire length).


Determine the type(s) of drivers and/or sequencers that will illuminate your Lightwire project. Remember selection of driver is defined by the total length of Lightwire to be attached to driver. Selection of sequencer is defined by number of channels (number of Lightwire lengths to be attached) and effect desired.

For each devoce ordered, please consider:

 Device: Buying Considerations:
 Drivers Length of Lightwire to be illumlinated
 Sequencers Number of channels and type of effect desired


If you have special concerns about how your order is prepared, either with us pre-soldering your Lightwire and customizing the drivers or sequencers, spell it out in the Special Instructions section.

Diagrams are very helpful and encouraged.


 PAYPAL Shopping from our Tupperwire Store product pages, you can place your order directly via our secured PayPal account.
 BY PHONE Please contact: Louie Lights @ (415) 664-0694

See snail mail info below.

 CUSTOM ORDER If you have detailed questions prior to placing your order, you may contact us by telephone, email or snail mail.

If you are ordering our "off the shelf" products, Lightwire Kits straight from our Tupperwire Store product pages, and/or are comfortable ordering custom lengths of Lightwire; you can order directly from our website via our secured PayPal account.

If you have special questions regarding your design or are placing a volume order. call us for special ordering information: 415-664-0694

You may email inquiries before you place your Lightwire order. This applies to special projects, questions regarding your design, or for ordering over 100 feet of a single gauge of Lightwire. Contact: louisbrill(at)sbcglobal.net.

If you are placing a special order, payment will be via US mail instead of PayPal. You may write a check to Steve Boverie and mail it to:

Steve Boverie
478 Warren Drive, Apt. 721
San Francisco, CA 94131


All shipped orders must include a minimum $6.00 shipping charge and California residents must add 8.5 % sales tax to order.


Back ordered items are sent upon receipt of new inventory. Shipping charges apply for follow-up shipments.


We do 100% testing of all items prior to shipping.


Still not sure? Call or e-mail us with questions.


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