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Any kind of blinking, strobing or flashing signage is possible . . . think "neon" but use Lightwire instead.

Light 'N Wire Productions was commissioned by a special event production company to create a series of large signs for use at a holiday party. All signs were placed on foam core backing, were all powered by various sized drivers and hung from the ceiling around the party area.

(Click on images to enlarge. Click again to reduce.)

El wire Coats sign
Coats Sign

Coat check sign

Coats sign in place by the Coat Check.

El wire sign
 Back of Coats Sign

Back of Coats sign

Back of Coats Sign.

This shows off electrical configuration of Lightwire powerpack and the distribution of the Lightwire which splits apart to form each letter. Letter forms were held in place with handmade staples that held the Lightwire to the foam core.

L wire display
Coats Sign Back: Detail

Close up detail

Close-up detail of "Coats" lightwire powerpack.

A DIY-built power module showing off the 12 V battery brick, plus two cube drivers and an on/off switch. Power runs to wire leads which in turn illuminates the Lightwire. One cube powered the coat hanger outline, and the other cube was set in a 'blinking' mode for the 'COATS' word.


Lightwire Sign
Munchies Sign

Munchies Sign

Munchies Sign with Animated Pretzel Icon.

El wire Art sign
Art Spot Sign

Art Spot sign

Art Spot Sign.

Sign for art gallery event.

El wire party sign
Limelight Sign

Limelight sign

Limelight '77.

Entrance sign to a party, complete with floating helium balloons.

El wire party Sign
Pancake Sign

Pancake Sign

Pancake Playhouse Sign.

By unknown artist, but it makes us hungry just looking at this sign.

Burning man el wire sign
Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra.

Artist Unknown



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