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new Stick Man Costume

From Blue Man to Burning Man, Stick Man is known the world over
as the most ubiquitous rendering of the human person,
a stick figure sketch of the human body.

Now with modern illumination technology,
Stick Man can be brought to life as a Lightwire
light up costume. Great evening wear for
Burning Man, Halloween or Mardi Gras,
it'll bring out your inner glow.

We offer a Stick Man Lightwire kit as
a plug & play custom costume, composed of
Lightwire soldered into a human Stick figure.


You provide the color choice and body measurements . . .
we do the rest.

For best evening results costume is made in standard
High Brightness Lightwire, cut to your specifications for a proper fit.

The Stick Man costume is self-assembled: we ship to you pre-cut Lightwire
to your spsecified measurements and include special safety pin attachments in
which to properly attach Stick Man Lightwire to the background part of your
costume. You supply this base costume of dark blue or black body suit (or pants and
shirt) and attach the Lightwire parts to the appropriate costume locations.

Costume: $ 75.00

Pimp that Stick Man

You can also modify the standard Stick Man into a more appropriate and special Stick figure. We can add a "skirt or boobs" for a simple Stick Woman, or design a themed Stick person such as a cowboy or what have you.


Please provide as follows:
A. Color of Lightwire: single color or multiple colors
B. Body measurements:
   1. leg (groin to ankle - both legs the same length)
   2. arm (center of chest to wrist - both arms the same length)
   3. torso/neck (groin to base of throat)
   4. head (we estimate 2 feet) 

STICK MAN COSTUME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Lightwire Spectacular

Color Choices: Aqua, Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Coral

Note: Please include your color selections in the left text field (A) and your body measurements in the right text field (B) before adding to shopping cart.

A. Enter Lightwire color(s) here:
B. Measurements: 1. leg, 2. arm, 3. torso-neck, 4. head (max. 200 chars.):


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