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Greetings to our Lightwire customers

After 13 years of retail sales, Light’N” Wire Productions is pausing retail sales and we are closing our store front to focus on consultation and production of Lightwire and LED projects.

Retail Sales is closed effective 1-1-2K4.

Please contact DR Glowire at 415 566-1426
for further information




Main Website
Tupperwire Store
Buying El wire

Varying Lightwire
gauges (wire thinknesses), brightness levels, and a full range of colors.

El wire Kits

Three types of kits: Experimenter, Itsy-Bitsy & Sequencer

Lightwire drivers

A Complete selection of drivers

El wire sequencers

Our complete selection
of sequencers

El wire accesories

A full range of power supplies and accessories

*Assumes a basic knowledge of how to solder Lightwire to lead wire and assemble Lightwire components into a functional project.

* If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us, and we'll get it for you *


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